IASTM Treatment Protocol for an Inversion Ankle Sprain

The “ankle roll”; just about every athlete has been there, and just about every clinician has treated it. While inversion ankle sprains are incredibly common in athletics, this injury is no stranger to everyday people both young and old (and especially clumsy ones).... read more

How to Educate and Motivate Patients

You can be the most qualified clinician in the world and provide exceptional patient care; unfortunately, you cannot control whether your patients come into your clinic with a full-force motivation to oblige to their rehabilitation and pain relief goals. While you may... read more

Why Athletes Should Seek out Chiropractic Care

From a young age, athletes get into a routine when it comes to the care and maintenance of their bodies. Athletic trainers are there on the sidelines to help with common or urgent issues, while physical therapists are called upon once a significant injury is... read more



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