32 Recommendations for Managing Postoperative Pain

Let’s flip the script for a second and look at opioid abuse from the perspective of the patient; more specifically, a patient who has just undergone some sort of operation. First and foremost, that patient is in pain. What will the doctors and nurses administer to... read more

How to Use Warming Topicals in Massage Therapy

Think your patients can’t take the heat? We promise you they can! Pain sufferers everywhere are reaching for both hot and cold therapy modalities to help relieve their symptoms, so it makes sense to incorporate these sensations into your manual therapy treatments for... read more

Emerging Trends in the Athletic Training Field

National Athletic Training Month has done a great job building awareness and praise towards the value athletic trainers provide on a daily basis. More than just glorified ankle-tapers, those practicing in the athletic training field are taking on an ever-increasing... read more

How to Use Topical Analgesics in Massage Therapy

Some like it hot; some like it cold. While crèmes, lotions, gels and oils have their obvious place in massage therapy, supplementing treatment with topical solutions can be a pain relief game changer patients are looking for. If used correctly, the cooling sensation... read more



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