How Massage Therapists Play a Role in Safer Pain Relief

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has long held the position that massage can help relieve pain. Research suggests that massage reduces pain from musculoskeletal injury, headache, cancer, trauma and other conditions.1 The AMTA’s position was upheld in... read more

7 Expert Ergonomic Tips for Backpack Safety

Your patients have a lot of items to check off their school supply list. Unfortunately, there are a couple of supplies they might pick up that they definitely aren’t budgeting for, like poor posture, neck, back and shoulder pain. Children and adults alike experience... read more

No Pain, More Gain: Become an Advocate for Safer Pain Relief

You’ve read the statistics about opioid abuse in America. You’ve seen the increasing damage and devastation that prescription medication addiction has caused across the country. What often remains behind closed doors is each person’s unique experience and daily... read more

3 Things You Can Start Today to Increase Patient Retention

You can read articles about how to best market your practice, use sampling to create staggering revenue, become a better clinical retailer and price products to sell until your brain is at max capacity; and don’t get us wrong; you definitely should. Solidifying your... read more

34 Epic Golf Swing Training Videos You’d be Crazy Not to Watch

If you’re looking for game-changing golf swing tips, exercises for golfers that can be done anywhere and treatment protocol for common golf injuries, pull up a chair; you’re going to want to be sitting down for this. The ultimate golf swing trainer Whether you play... read more



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