Barton Bishop, DPTBart Bishop, DPT of Sport and Spine Rehab in Rockville, Maryland  compared Biofreeze® topical analgesic and ice application to patients with bilateral neck pain. Bishop stated, “We’ve used both ice and Biofreeze in our neck patients, but never had any evidence to support using one versus the other.” He found that both modalities reduced pain significantly, but patients preferred the Biofreeze application 8 to 1 compared to ice. The Biofreeze treatment lasted longer in 9 out of 10 patients, with twice as much pain reduction compared to ice. “Now that we know how effective Biofreeze is, we are going to continue including it as a standard treatment for neck pain patients and start investigating its effectiveness in other patient populations. We also think that using Biofreeze can help improve patient compliance and retention as so many more of them felt comfortable with the treatment.” Dr. Bishop presented his findings at the TRAC 2009 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Read the research abstract here.

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