Juan Carlos Colado, PhDJuan Carlos Colado, PhD of the University of Valencia in Spain, compared the effects of strength training with Thera-Band resistance with aquatic resistance. He used the OMNI scale to quantify the intensity levels of both exercise groups. “We found the OMNI scale can be used successfully in strength training programs that don’t provide directly measurable resistance levels such as elastic and aquatic exercise,” said Colado. After 24 weeks, there was no significant difference between the training groups: both groups significantly increased their fat free mass, decreased their fat mass, increased their HDL levels and decreased their diastolic blood pressure. In addition, both groups significantly improved their physical performance after training. “Thera-Band and aquatic resistance are equally effective, but Thera-Band exercise is obviously more accessible and cost effective,” added Colado. Dr. Colado presented his findings at the TRAC 2009 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Read the research abstract here.

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