Rogers - headshotMichael Rogers, PhD of Wichita State University, discussed 2 studies on the Thera-Band® First Step to Active Health® recently presented at the American College of Sports Medicine.  Working with researchers from Nagoya City University in Japan, Rogers investigated the effects of 12 weeks of the First Step program on functional fitness in older adults.  They found significant improvements in function and balance, as well as increased overall physical activity after the program. In addition, the researchers found that the program was successful when performed supervised in a group or unsupervised at home. “The First Step program is a highly effective program for either home or group based exercise in older adults. Our next step is to evaluate the impact of Internet-based feedback on the program,” said Rogers. Dr. Rogers presented his findings at the TRAC 2009 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Read the research abstract here.

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