Sue Falsone PT ATCSue Falsone PT, ATC from Athletes Performance in Phoenix Arizona, quantified the EMG activity of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles during a new shoulder exercise using Thera-Band® resistance.  She found that that “Wall Walk” and “Wall Slide” exercises had higher activation of the infraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff with the Thera-Band resistance than without. In addition, the lower trapezius muscle was activated significantly more, while the upper trapezius was activated less with the resistance, compared to without resistance. “These findings show that adding Thera-Band resistance to the Wall-Walk exercise may help restore scapular muscle balance, which is typically our goal in shoulder rehabilitation,” said Falsone, who also works with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thera-Band Loop Wall Walk“It’s important to know exactly what muscles are being activated during these exercises so we can make better clinical decisions,” added Falsone.  She presented her findings at the TRAC 2009 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. Read the research abstract here.

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