I hope everyone is having a great New Year. I wanted to start off 2010 by announcing several new Thera-Band® and Biofreeze® products.

New Thera-Band Latex Free Professional Resistance Bands

Newly-formulated to match the pull forces of our existing Latex Professional Resistance Bands, these new latex free bands are ideal in hospital settings or with patients suffering latex allergies. The new formula is also powder-free and scent-free.  Available  in 25 yard rolls or in pre-cut lengths in beginner (Thera-Band Yellow, Thera-Band Red & Thera-Band Green) and advanced (Thera-Band Black and Thera-Band Blue) kits. Please check out the new Latex Free Web Portal here.

 Thera-Band Active Recovery Kits

3 new kits, which include both Thera-Band products and Biofreeze® Pain Relieving Spray, have been developed to facilitate home exercise programs with pain relief. The General Rehab & Pain Relief kits contain 2 levels of Thera-Band Professional Resistance Bands, while the Shoulder Rehab & Pain Relief kit includes the new Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley and a Thera-Band Yellow latex band in addition to the Biofreeze Spray. Please check out the new Active Recovery Kit Portal here.

 Biofreeze Gel with Hands-Free Applicator and Biofreeze Wipes

There are 2 new Biofreeze products for 2010. First, we’ve added a hands-free applicator tip to the original 4 oz tube of Biofreeze gel. This helps patients apply gel without getting it on their hands.

We have also created Biofreeze Wipes. These new wipes contain high-potency Biofreeze to provide maximum intensity pain relief. Best of all, they are convenient for travel and use ‘on the go’.

In addition, we’ve recently updated the Biofreeze PEP brochure many healthcare providers have been using. In addition, we’ve created a new “Build Your Practice” brochure to help practitioners learn how to use Biofreeze to build their practices. Finally, we have a new booklet explaining the science and mechanisms for Biofreeze topical analgesic.  You can download any of these resources at the Biofreeze web portal under “Essentials of Biofreeze”. 

New “Where to Buy” Thera-Band or Biofreeze Locator

Finally, we’ve recently launched a “Where to Buy” Locator that helps patients find practitioners selling Thera-Band and Biofreeze Products; the link is available on the left navigation of the Academy.  Hands-on healthcare providers who sell Thera-Band or Biofreeze products can enter their practice information in the searchable database.

The website to become a registered ‘reseller’ is: http://search.hygeniccorp.com/. You must use the code, TBA1 to be authorized. Be sure to sign yourself up now, as the site is getting tons of people looking to buy. If you’ve already registered, don’t forget to add these new products to your profile if you sell them in your practice.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Dr. Phil

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