Akron, OH – Performance Health / Hygenic Corporation announces the introduction of new Thera-Band FlexBar, Yellow Resistance, for upper extremity rehabilitation and stabilization training.  New Thera-Band FlexBar Yellow is the Extra Light resistance option for beginning rehab, pediatric, or geriatric patients, joining the Thera-Band color progression family of Red/Light, Green/Medium, and Blue/Heavy resistances.

Thera-Band FlexBar is 12” in length, contains a ribbed surface for secure grip, and is supplied in 4 progressive resistances beginning with new Thera-Band Flexbar Yellow and progressing to Red, Green, and Blue resistance levels for greater challenge.    Made from dry natural rubber, the resistance of the Thera-Band FlexBar is increased by the force required to bend, twist, or oscillate the bar while holding it securely at one or both ends.

Thera-Band FlexBar is used routinely by therapists and trainers for clinical rehab and sold by Thera-Band authorized healthcare distributors.

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