Akron, Ohio – April 30, 2010 – Performance Health / Hygenic Corporation announces the introduction of the new Thera-Band® Shoulder Pulley, an essential tool for patients undergoing shoulder rehabilitation in regaining and maintaining range of motion.

“Unlike conventional pulleys, the Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley features a unique rope that’s divided into sections by distinct black marks. By referencing the position of these marks during exercise, patients get immediate feedback on progress. This visual feedback validates that they are improving, which is key to patient motivation,” stated Anna Schrock, Product Manager for Performance Health / Hygenic Corporation. “The marked rope also allows the rehab professional to set precise goals and limitations so that patients know how far to go and where to stop.”

Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley w Woman“The ability to move the shoulder joint is vital for functionality in everyday physical activities, and anyone from weekend athletes to gardeners to do-it-yourself painters can experience shoulder problems,” added Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, director of clinical education and research for the Thera-Band Academy. “We commonly see limited range of motion in post-operative rotator cuff tear repairs, shoulder reconstruction, and frozen shoulder, or ‘adhesive capsulitis’ patients. Physical therapy and therapeutic exercise are the keys to successful outcomes in these patients, and the Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley is a unique tool that offers clinicians and patients visual representation of their progress.”

In addition to the marked rope, other features enhance this exciting new product. The Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley can be anchored at any point along a standard door jamb to accommodate a wide range of exercises. The adjustable rope length offers custom fit and versatility, and the soft foam handles provide superior comfort during use.

The shoulder pulley can be used during clinic visits or as part of a clinician prescribed home exercise program.  Sample exercises videos and additional product information can be viewed at info.Thera-BandAcademy.com/shoulderpulley.

“The Thera-Band System of Progressive exercise is the foundation of our business, and our products have been trusted by rehabilitation professionals for over 30 years,” continued Ms. Schrock. “We are pleased to introduce yet another product to the internationally recognized trusted-progression Thera-Band family.”

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