It’s well-known that exercise is important for older adults to maintain health and function. Many studies have shown that Thera-Band® resistance is effective at improving strength and function in older adults. Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair and Professor at Wichita State University’s Department of Human Performance Studies, collaborated with researchers at Nagoya City University in Japan. He presented his findings at the 2010 Thera-Band Research Advisory Committee meeting. 39 older adults were randomly assigned to a control group or a group using the Thera-Band Exercise Station. The exercise group performed a 12-week circuit training program combining strength and aerobic exercises 3 days per week. After the program, the exercise group had significant improvements in functional fitness and in body composition, whereas the control group did not. Interestingly, the improvements seen with the Exercise Station group were similar to the results the researchers found in a separate study using hydraulic resistance machines. Dr. Rogers noted, “We got the same improvements in strength and function using the Thera-Band exercise station as we got with more expensive machines.” Their findings may have important implications in delivering cost-effective group-based exercise for older adults.

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