Total knee replacement is becoming more common for treating advanced knee osteoarthritis. Dr. Robert Topp and his colleagues at the University of Louisville continue to research the effects of “prehabilitation” by providing exercises before total knee replacement surgery. He presented his current results at the 2010 Thera-Band Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) meeting. “Pre-operative exercises for total knee replacement help speed post-operative recovery by increasing initial levels of strength and function,” Dr. Topp stated. The randomized controlled study examined 18 patients who were assigned either to a control group or a “prehab” group that performed Thera-Band strength and balance exercises, stepping exercises, and flexibility training. The prehab group performed significantly better than the control group on functional tests both before and after surgery. These findings suggest that exercises before total knee replacement surgery may help speed recovery, reduce recovery time, and reduce healthcare costs; their ongoing prehab study hopes to validate some of these answers.

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