As many as one-third of older adults suffer a fall each year, often leading to fractures, disability, and even death. Falls are the leading cause of injury death in older adults. Falls in older adults cost $19 billion in direct medical costs, posing a challenge to our healthcare system,.

Thera-Band Academy has supported the Standing Strong™ Fall Prevention Exercise Program for several years. The program, originally developed by Dr. Michael Rogers, chairman of Human Performance Studies at Wichita State University, utilizes Thera-Band® products including resistance bands, stability trainers, and exercise balls. Research has shown that the Standing Strong program is effective at improving strength, balance and function, as well as at reducing falls in older adults.

The Standing Strong program was featured in a recent issue of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation that focused on community-based exercise programs. The article describes the scientific basis for the program and its components, as well as its implementation. The program has 3 levels of implementation of a well-rounded exercise program, including flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance exercises using Thera-Band products. For more information on the program, visit

REFERENCE: Page P. Standing Strong. Bringing evidence to practice for a community-based fall prevention exercise program. 2010. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation 26(4):335-352.

Visit the Thera-Band Academy Fall Prevention Resource Center Here

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