Alvin Wong is a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist in Beijing, China. He has been an instructor for Thera-Band Academy for many years as one of the first trained in China. In 2009, he opened a studio called REFORM Exercise Therapy Studio in Beijing that mainly provides therapeutic exercises to correct posture and biomechanics to relieve musculoskeletal problems.  Alvin has just published a full-color book, “Functional Training and Conditioning with Elastic Band” in Chinese featuring Thera-Band® products. Alvin is currently a Director of REFORM Exercise Therapy Studio. Even though the book is in Chinese, the language of elastic exercise seems universal…The full color photos explain the exercises well-enough to replicate in any country. I’ve known Alvin for several years and was pleased to see many great exercises he’s incorporated. I asked him a few questions about his book for our Academy Blog.

What motivated you to write the book?

Firstly, elastic band training is increasing popularity in the Chinese fitness industry; however, we don’t have any training books or manuals specific to the usage of elastic band exercises in Chinese language. Secondly, I wanted to share my training experience to the usage of elastic resistance to the personal trainer and conditioning coach.

Who is the book intended for? Where can someone purchase the book?

This book is mainly for the personal trainer and conditioning coach. The book can be bought from bookstores in China and perhaps the Internet

Are there unique features about the book that make it better than other books?

Full color start and finish photos clearly demonstrate the exercises, along with training tips for the exercises; the book also includes a DVD to demonstrate all the exercises.

-How is the content of the book outlined?

The book contains 6 chapters. 1) the basic theory for the usage of elastic band; 2) elastic band dynamic training; 3) elastic band core training; 4) elastic band sports specific training; 5) elastic band injury prevention training; 6) elastic band specific training program.

-What are your top 2 exercises, and why?

1. Lunge and diagonal pull. This is whole body exercise that works the upper and lower limbs in multi-planes; also it can act as a dynamic exercise to increase your heart-rate, tone up whole body muscles, and burn more calories.


2. Single leg stand backward pull. This exercise can improve balance and activate the leg muscles before sports and competition; also it can activate the scapular stabilization muscles in different hand positions.


-What is your experience with the bands? Why do you like them, and what are the advantages? How do you use them in practice?

I have used elastic bands for more than 10 years for rehabilitation and fitness training. However, I’ve focused more on the usage of band since 2005 after I attended a workshop by Phil Page, which was organized by Thera-Band Academy. The main reason why I like the bands is that it has unlimited training methods, is user-friendly and is light weight. As I worked with the China National Gymnastics team as a physiotherapist, I always use Thera-Band for a warm up exercises to activate the stabilization muscles to prevent injury.

NOTE: Exercise photos used with permission of Alvin Wong

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