Dr. Mary Sanders, an expert in aquatic exercise and rehabilitation, recently published an article on programming for deep water exercises. Deep water exercises are commonly used for aerobic conditioning and resistance training, and can complement or be used instead of a land-based exercise program. For example, athletes recovering from knee injuries or older adults with severe knee arthritis may benefit from deep water exercises while minimizing weight-bearing. Dr. Sanders describes the use of deep water exercise using the “S.W.E.A.T.” system for aquatic exercise cues that she developed for the YMCA. The article, published in the Journal of Active Aging, features over 30 exercises in full color demonstrating the use of the Thera-Band Aquabelt. The Aquabelt is not currently available, but Thera-Band® offers a full line of aquatic exercise products for fitness and therapy.
REFERENCE: Sanders M. 2011. Dive into the deep for head-to-toe resistance training. J Active Aging. 9(1):90-100.

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