A few months ago, I posted a blog about a new study by Dr. Lars Andersen in Denmark, which showed that a simple Thera-Band® elastic tubing exercise significantly reduced neck and shoulder pain in office workers. We now have a short 1-minute video that demonstrates the neck pain exercise for workers and companies that might be interested in improving productivity and reducing insurance costs. Click on the image below to view the Thera-Band elastic tubing exercise video or link to it here.


In addition, I’ve created a web page with a review of the study, as well as links to the research paper and the video at http://info.thera-bandacademy.com/neckpainexercise. At the bottom of the page, you can also see links to the media coverage in Denmark. Please feel free to share the outcomes of this excellent study with anyone you know who may benefit from a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution to occupational neck pain.

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