The Massage Therapy Learning Portal is now available on Thera-Band Academy. Learning Portals contain relevant resources for specific interests by different disciplines or products. The Academy has 16 portals for Thera-Band® and Biofreeze® products, and 4 portals for the Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, and Massage Therapy professions.

Learning Portals are designed with several topic folders containing links to the most relevant resources in the Academy. For example, the Massage Therapy portal has a folder for “Biofreeze Essentials” that includes the new Biofreeze Massage Manual and a short video describing the science behind Biofreeze. Massage Therapists can also find continuing education workshops in the “Courses” folder from Academy instructors.

As always, these resources are FREE on the Academy to registered users. Visit the Massage Therapy Learning Portal now.

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