Elastic resistance is often prescribed as part of a rehabilitation program for anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome), but its overall efficacy remains unclear. I recently published a systematic review of the topic in the journal, Sports Health. Eight studies using elastic resistance training met the criteria for the review. The exercises typically involved strengthening the hip muscles with 4-direction Thera-Band® kicks, but each study used a different exercise program with elastic resistance.  Download an anterior knee pain exercise program with Thera-Band® elastic resistance here.

While each study found significant improvements in pain, due to the study designs (lack of true control), it’s difficult to determine if the elastic resistance was the primary factor for the reduction in pain. However, we can conclude that exercise programs utilizing Thera-Band elastic resistance products can help reduce pain and increase function and strength in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome.

REFERENCE: Page P. Effectiveness of elastic resistance in rehabilitation of patients with patellofemoral syndrome: What is the evidence? Sports Health. 2011. 3(2):190-94.

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