Timothy Tyler, PT, ATC, MS wanted to know if applying Biofreeze® Pain Reliever during a patient’s initial evaluation would decrease the rate of self-discharge from his private practice in New York. Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine recently featured Tyler’s story.

From his experience as a member of the Thera-Band Reserach Advisory Committee (TRAC), he was aware of a study that showed that the application of Biofreeze on neck pain patients had signficantly greater pain reduction compared to ice. All new patients received Biofreeze Spray on their area of chief complaint at the end of their first visit. The patients also performed therapeutic exercises, received appropriate manual therapy and appropriate modalities, and they received a bottle of Biofreeze Spray with the instructions to use the Biofreeze product three times a day at home. The rate of self-discharges during the Biofreeze-application program period dropped to 1.6 percent (from 6.5 percent)-a 75-percent reduction. He presented his findings as part of a larger study involving other clinics at the TRAC 2010 research meeting.

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