Part 2 of “Thera-Band Academy well-represented at ACSM annual meeting”

Dr. Lars Andersen presents his poster at ACSM 2011

Researchers in Denmark led by Dr. Lars Andersen have shown that Thera-Band® elastic tubing exercises can significantly reduce shoulder-neck pain. 198 individuals with shoulder-neck pain were randomly assigned to a 2-minute or 12-minute per-day exercise group with Thera-Band exercise tubing with handles. They performed the exercises during their working hours, 5 days a week for 10 weeks. Both groups significantly improved their pain, tenderness and strength. The authors concluded that as little as 2 minute sessions of progressive resistance training per day with Thera-Band tubing results in clinically-relevant reductions in shoulder-neck pain and tenderness. The ACSM issued a press release about this study when it was presented at the meeting. Visit the Neck Pain Exercise page at that describes their study.

Dr. Andersen’s colleagues wanted to determine the physiological effects of different types of elastic resistance training by comparing a high intensity (3RM) exercise with a set of repetitions to failure using a lower resistance level. 15 healthy females performed a lateral raise with Thera-Band Tubing while the EMG level of their neck and shoulder muscles were measured. They found that high levels of muscle activation can occur without reaching fatigue, thus supporting high-intensity resistance training with elastic tubing rather than lower-intensity exercise to failure. Interestingly though, training to failure did increase activation of the stabilizing muscles of the neck….possibly providing the reason why the Thera-Band tubing exercise was effective in their study on patients with shoulder-neck pain. 

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