The popular Tyler Twist exercise for tennis elbow with the FlexBar was recently featured in a story on National Public Radio (NPR). Reporter Allison Aubrey featured physical therapist Barton Bishop at Sport and Spine Rehab in Rockville, Maryland instructing a patient in the exercise. In the interview, Dr. Bishop helped demonstrate the exercise with his patient, Larry Holzman, who is having a successful rehabilitation with the FlexBar exercise. Link to the story, “A Rubber Twist on Treating Tennis Elbow Pain” here. The webpage includes a link to a video demonstration featuring Holzman and Dr. Bishop. You can also listen to the interview from NPR here.

Researchers at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma (NISMAT) at LenoxHillHospitalin New Yorkpublished an article in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery showing that the Tyler Twist is effective at significantly reducing pain and increasing strength in patients with tennis elbow. Tim Tyler, president of the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) Sports Physical Therapy Section was the lead author of the study. The Thera-Band FlexBar was recently endorsed by the APTA.

The results of the study were first released in July, 2009. Since then, many media outlets have featured the story, including the New York Times and Readers Digest. In addition, many people have described how the Tyler Twist exercise has helped relieve their tennis elbow pain in comment boards on the Internet. YouTube videos demonstrating the exercise have accumulated over 250,000 views.

Find more information on the Thera-Band FlexBar here, including where to buy.


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