Performance Health, makers of Thera-Band® and Biofreeze® products, hosted the 13th annual meeting of their Scientific Advisory Committee to help direct efforts in research and education. This year’s meeting was held July 22-24 in San Francisco, California. The committee includes 16 researchers, educators, and clinicians from 6 countries with diverse backgrounds representing physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic surgery, exercise science, massage therapy, and athletic training.  The 2011 committee included:


  • Lars Andersen PhD (Denmark)
  • Ashish Babhulkar MD (India)
  • David Behm PhD (Canada)
  • Bart Bishop PT (USA)
  • Juan Colado PhD (Spain)
  • Todd Ellenbecker PT (USA)
  • Sue Falsone PT ATC (USA)
  • Jeff Forman PhD MT (USA)
  • Jay Greenstein DC (USA)
  • Tom Hyde DC (USA)
  • Andre Labbe PT (USA)
  • Michael Rogers PhD (USA)
  • Bob Topp PhD RN (USA)
  • Pam Toto PhD OT (USA)
  • Tim Tyler PT ATC (USA)
  • Leo Wang PhD PT (China)


Since 1999, a select group of researchers and clinical educators has been appointed to the committee to support and facilitate Performance Health’s research agenda. Formerly known as “TRAC,” the committee’s research helps support the mission of Thera-Band Academy to support evidence-led practice through research and education. Each year, the committee meets for 3 days to present and discuss their original research using Thera-Band and Biofreeze products. This committee plays a vital role in providing cutting-edge research for clinical application using Thera-Band and Biofreeze products.

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