Each year, the Thera-Band Academy and its Scientific Advisory Board, TRAC, establish a research agenda to guide efforts in scientific study on Thera-Band and Biofreeze products. The Academy supports clinical research around the world with no-charge products. The agenda focuses on areas of both clinical and commercial value:

  • Qualitative analysis of Thera-Band color-coded progression in terms of motivation, compliance, etc
  • EMG and outcomes analysis of progressive balance training with Stability Trainers
  • EMG/Biomechanical analysis of FlexBar oscillation
  • Effectiveness of hand therapy at home with Thera-Band products
  • Effectiveness of Thera-Band stretch strap
  • Effectiveness of “active engagement” with Thera-Band  or Stretch Strap combined with massage on muscle length
  • Effectiveness of eccentric stretch on plantar fasciitis with Stretch Strap or Thera-Band
  • Effectiveness of Biofreeze application on joint mobilization
  • Effectiveness of Biofreeze on low back pain, neck/shoulder pain, foot pain, and hand pain; with or without massage

Students, clinicians, and researchers are encouraged to submit an application for product support to address the research agenda. For more information, visit the Supported Research page at Thera-BandAcademy.com.


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