The Academy’s Scientific Advisory Committee, TRAC, presented 26 research projects on Thera-Band and Biofreeze products last month in San Francisco. I recently did a series of podcasts with some of our researchers to discuss their projects and findings. Listen to top researchers such as David Behm, Robert Topp and Todd Ellenbecker describe their methods and conclusions. In the next few weeks on the blog, look for articles on the most clinically relevant studies presented at TRAC to answer these questions:

  • Is there a better exercise for trapezius muscle balance?
  • Can we use perceived exertion to dose elastic exercise intensity?
  • How can we better prescribe shoulder rehab exercise intensity?
  • Can high-intensity training improve throwing performance?
  • How does Biofreeze compare to ice after delayed onset muscle soreness?
  • Is the Stretching Strap as effective as partner stretching?
  • How can we reduce shoulder-neck pain and headaches in office workers?
  • Can Biofreeze help reduce pain and improve function in knee osteoarthritis?
  • Are foam rollers effective at improving flexibility?
  • Does Biofreeze reduce hand pain after massage?
  • What’s the best progression of exercises after Achilles tendon reconstruction?
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