Dr. David Behm

Repetitive overhand throwing requires both the generation of anaerobic and aerobic power over the course of a game. Professor David Behm PhD and his colleagues at Memorial University in St. Johns Canada wanted to see if a high-intensity training (HIT) strengthening program with Thera-Band elastic resistance bands would be beneficial for female fastball players. He presented his findings at the 12th annual meeting of Thera-Band Academy’s Scientific Advisory Board, TRAC.  

Twelve subjects were randomly assigned to an experimental or control group. A “sprint” throwing training program was developed similar to a successful sprint cycle training program. The participants in the experimental training group performed a throwing motion against Thera-Band resistance. They progressively increased in resistance from green to blue to black resistance bands, exercising 3 times a week for 3 weeks with 5 sets of 20 repetitions.

After the short 3 week program, the training group significantly increased in peak oxygen consumption (VO2) by 18%, improved their lactate threshold by 21%, time to fatigue by 14%, and improved peak fastball velocity and endurance.  The control group did not change. Dr. Behm’s research suggests that the HIT sprint throwing program with Thera-Band elastic resistance bands can significantly improve overhead throwing performance in females in as little as 3 weeks.


Read the abstract of his study here: The Effects of a “Sprint” Throwing Training Program on Aerobic Power, Estimated Lactate Threshold, and Throwing Velocity and Fatigue

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