Biofreeze® topical analgesic has been shown to reduce pain in patients with neck pain, low back pain, and knee osteoarthritis. Massage therapists often use Biofreeze with massage. According to Dr. Tiffany Field at the University of Miami, hand massage reduces pain and increases grip strength. Dr. Field wanted to know if applying Biofreeze after hand massage had an additive effect in subjects with hand pain.

Twenty adults with a variety of hand pain diagnoses received weekly 10-minute massages from a massage therapist and instruction in home-based self-massage between weekly visits. Half of the subjects received Biofreeze in addition to their hand massage and were instructed to apply it to their hands as well. After 4 weeks, the groups using Biofreeze significantly increased in grip strength and decreased in pain compared to the group not receiving Biofreeze.

Dr. Field concluded that adding Biofreeze to a massage therapy protocol resulted in significant benefits compared to massage alone. Her results were presented at the 2011 TRAC meeting in San Francisco.


Read the abstract of her study here: Hand pain is reduced by massage therapy plus Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic

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