20 physical therapists and physicians from mainland China recently completed a Thera-Band “Train the Trainer” workshop in Nanchang, China. Check out photos on our Thera-Band Academy Facebook page. Thera-Band Scientific Advisory Board member, Yuling “Leo” Wang PT will lead the Academy’s efforts in China. Dr. Phil Page led the training in Nanchang, China.


“We hope to promote research and education for Thera-Band in mainland China through continuing education to professionals and to PT students in undergraduate curriculum,” said Wang. See the full interview with Mr. Wang on the Academy’s YouTube channel. He will be working with Thera-Band distributor, Bicom, who will be sponsoring training programs throughout mainland China. Learn more about our instructors in China at the Academy’s Faculty page.


Bicom’s owner, Mr. Carpenter Yu said, “With Thera-Band Academy, we can educate our customers and they can learn to use our products correctly to help their patients.” See the full interview with Mr. Yu on the Academy’s YouTube channel. In addition, Bicom has launched a “QQ” page (China’s equivalent to Facebook) specifically for Thera-Band Academy. The QQ number is 181184498.

Listen to podcasts of the video interviews by clicking on the link below:

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