Members of the Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee, Drs. Bart Bishop, Jay Greenstein, and Robert Topp published their abstract, “Effects of Biofreeze® vs. ice on acute, non-complicated neck pain” in a recent issue of Clinical Chiropractic. The results of their study were originally presented at the 2009 TRAC meeting.

In their study, 51 patients with bilateral neck pain were given both ice and Biofreeze gel on either side of their neck. The patients preferred Biofreeze 8 to 1, and 90% reported that Biofreeze lasted longer than ice. While both ice and Biofreeze significantly reduced neck pain levels, Biofreeze reduced pain twice as much as ice.

REFERENCE: Bishop B, Greenstein J, Topp R. 2011. Effects of Biofreeze vs. ice on acute, non-complicated neck pain. (Abstract). Clinical Chiropractic. 14(4):153-54.

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