Juan Carlos Colado, PhD

Dr. Juan Carlos Colado of the University of Valencia has published several significant research papers on strength training programs using Thera-Band® elastic resistance. Dr. Colado and his colleagues have shown that Thera-Band resistance is as effective as weight machines in improving strength and body composition in post-menopausal women (Colado & Triplett). Most recently, Dr. Colado and his colleagues published a study comparing the effectiveness of weight machines, Thera-Band elastic bands, and aquatic-resisted strengthening exercise.

Seventy-seven post-menopausal women were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 resistance exercise groups or a control group. Each exercise groups used the OMNI exertion scale to control the intensity of exercise, ensuring similar resistance intensities between groups. The women were tested for body composition and physical capacity (push-up, squat, and abdominal crunch) before and after the 10 week exercise program. Each participant performed 6 exercises of major muscle groups twice a week at an OMNI scale level of 5 to 7. The elastic resistance group used a green Thera-Band® elastic band.

All 3 resistance training groups significantly improved their body composition and physical capacity. The Thera-Band exercise group significantly increased their physical capacity 16 to 31%, and significantly improved their body composition (2% decrease in fat mass).

The researchers concluded that Thera-Band elastic bands, weight machines, and aquatic resistance are equally effective at increasing physical capacity and improving body composition in post-menopausal women.

REFERENCE: Colado JC, et al. Effects of aquatic and dry land resistance training devices on body composition and physical capacity in postmenopausal women. J Human Kinetics. 2012. 32:185-195.

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