Thera-Band Academy completed its second Latin American Train the Trainer (TTT) event on Sept. 21-22 in Bogota, Colombia. Hosed by Colombian distributor Futuro Orthopedic, 30 physiotherapists, physicians and sports trainers joined Thera-Band® distributors from 10 countries.

Dr. Phil Page, Director of Research and Education, trained 20 new Academy faculty in the “Bands, Balls and Balance” education program, while master trainer Andre Labbe PT presented “Advanced Sports Training” to 12 current instructors in Latin America.

Bob Poirier, Vice President of Performance Health, the manufacturers of Thera-Band products, said, “Bringing our local partners together with educators benefits everyone, particularly the patients.”

Awards were given to Latin American instructors for their contributions to education, Diana Paola Peñuela Romero and Manuel Alejandro Padrino Martinez. In addition, Guatemalan physiotherapist Freddy Rolando Andrade Tobar received the top instructor award.

The Thera-Band Academy has over 200 trained instructors in 44 countries. The Academy website includes a searchable database of professional Thera-Band workshops around the world.

See photos from the event at the Academy’s Facebook page here.






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