Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee member, Dr. Juan Carlos Colado, Laboratory Coordinator of  Physical Activity and Health and Director of the research group in Sport and Health at the University of Valencia in Spain, has been studying the effects of a Thera-Band®-based training program in a group of liver transplant patients.

Recently, his program was featured in the Spanish news, and his interview is available here:

“This study is an ambitious project between the Hospital La Fe of Valencia, Spain, and our research group in Sport and Health of the University of Valencia,” stated Dr. Colado. “We are beginning our training program with liver transplant patients, but we plan to expand the program to other populations including other disease groups.  We use low cost and easy use devices, including Thera-Band products, in way that anyone in the world can apply this protocol.”

“The program is focused on developing local muscular endurance with Thera-Band elastic bands, using the recovery time with active movements for improving cardiovascular endurance. Moreover, they are training other important physical abilities such as coordination, flexibility and balance. The purpose of this integral program is to improve the quality of life of the subjects so they can move efficiently and with more possibilities of interaction with their environment.”

The participants build local muscle endurance with a functional type of exercises adapted for using the Thera-Band elastic bands, monitoring their exercise intensity with the Thera-Band resistance exercise exertion scale that Dr. Colado has developed and validated (Colado, et al. 2012).


The patients also use Thera-Band Stability trainers to progress their balance training after the 2nd month of training. The current liver transplantation exercise program is a randomized controlled study with 53 patients, and is slated to finish in July of 2013. “The patients began the program 6 months after their surgery and are training for 6 months; however, we are hope to extend the training beyond the length of the study,” Dr. Colado explained.


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