Strengthening exercises are commonly prescribed for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Poor quadriceps strength is a risk factor for developing knee osteoarthritis. Researchers have shown that Thera-Band® resistance exercises can decrease pain and increase function in knee osteoarthritis patients (Brosky et al. 2012).

thera-band-hip-abduction-standingRecently, researchers compared the effectiveness of resistance exercises to balance training activities, and a combination of the 2 types of exercise.  44 knee osteoarthritis patients averaging 70 years old were randomly assigned to one of the 3 experimental groups or a control group. The experimental groups exercised 3 times per week for 8 weeks at home. The resistance training group used Thera-Band latex-free elastic bands for open-chain lower extremity exercises, while the balance training performed walking agility exercises and single-leg static and dynamic balance exercises using Thera-Band Stability Trainers.

The researchers found significant improvements in quality of life in all exercise groups after the 8 week program. They recommended that balance and resistance training may benefit knee osteoarthritis patients alone or in combination.

Disclosure: Thera-Band Academy supported this study with products.

REFERENCE: Rogers MW, et al. 2012. Efficacy of home-based kinesthesia, balance & agility training among persons with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. J Sports Sci Med. 11(4):751-754.

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