sport_health_journalElbow pain is often related to injury of the tendons, occurring frequently in overhead athletes. Sports Physical Therapist and Director of Sports Medicine for the ATP World Tour, Todd Ellenbecker DPT recently published an article, “Current Concepts in Examination and Treatment of Elbow Tendon Injury.” In the journal, Sports Health. Dr. Ellenbecker and his colleagues reviewed the etiology and pathophysiology of tendon injury, anatomic adaptations of the throwing athlete’s elbow, and non-operative treatment concepts. In particular, they recommended the “Tyler Twist” and “Reverse Tyler Twist” exercises using a Thera-Band FlexBar® for tennis elbow, and golfers elbow respectively.

REFERENCE: Ellenbecker TS, Nirschl R, Renstron P. Current concepts in examination of treatment of elbow tendon injury. Sports Health. 2012. 5(2):186-94.

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