Cash-based services such as clinical retailing are growing increasingly important for physical therapy private practice owners. For Jon Hisamoto PT, ATC, running his private practice clinic was rewarding and successful. However, he did notice that he was missing some pieces of the puzzle.

“I understand that change is part of what we have to face,” he said. “Six years ago in Seattle, WA at the APTA Private Practice Section meeting, I heard how important it was to create a cash-based solution to some of the problems we would be faced with. While I agreed with that, no one told us what to do or how to do things.”

With little information on how to get started on creating a cash-based system of revenue, he left the idea tucked in the back of his mind. However, the following months would prove that clinical retailing may not just be what’s best for him, but for his patients.

“I sent a patients mother out to find special orthotics and stability shoes I wanted her son to use. She came back with two shopping bags: one filled with shoes, and one filled with orthotics. She said, ‘I spent four hours looking and went to three different stores. We didn’t get what you told us to get, but these were the closest things I could find.’ When I took everything out, I found that all of it was the exact opposite of what I wanted her to have. Her response was, ‘If you want me to have something, why don’t you have them here?’ That’s when the lightbulb went off for me that clinical retailing could make a significant difference; not only to our practice, but to our patient care.”

On top of that, Hisamoto knew that clinical retailing would be a perfect solution to the rapidly evolving need for a solid home exercise program.

“In year’s past, home exercises weren’t all that common. People used to come in and exercise with us, and we would monitor their exercises. In today’s world, we’re not given that option. The patient has to be educated that it’s their responsisbility to make sure they understand what they need to be successful in their programs, and it’s our responsibility as clinicians to give them the tools they need to make sure they can achieve those results at home.”

Hisamoto reached out to one of his suppliers who was very insistant that he seek out a program called Active Care from TheraBand. Once he learned more, he knew it was going to fit perfectly into his goals and objectives. To this day, he touts that investing in the Active Care program was one of the best decisions he has made in the 30 years he has been a physical therapist.

“Aside from the huge financial gains the program has brought my clinic, Active Care gave me a better perspective on another phase of exercises that I wasn’t using properly; elastic resistance. I understood isokinetics and I understood isotonics. I was huge on exercise, mobilization and modalites, but I didn’t know elastic resistance. After I went through the training and understood how to use it more appropriately, it opened up more horizons for my home exercise programs.

Find out how clinical retailing can help grow your practice!

Watch the rest of Hisamoto’s story below and learn more about how TheraBand’s Active Care program can amplify your practice and patient care today through clinical retailing!


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