Looking to work off some of the post-holiday junk in the trunk? Grab your TheraBand CLX and try some resisted lunges! This lunge exercise strengthens the glutes and quads, so its great for your hips and knees when done properly.

TheraBand Exercise Research

Dr. Marcus Jakobsen from Denmark compared traditional lunges using isotonic dumbbells to Theraband exercise lunges. They concluded that elastic resistance “is equally effective in inducing high leg muscle activity as traditional lunges with isotonic resistance.”

CLX Lunge Exercise

In a staggered stance, start with each end loop around your front foot. Loop the CLX over one shoulder. Lower your body to perform a lunge keeping your knee over your ankle. Hold briefly and return to the starting position.

Training Tip: Be sure to keep your trunk upright, and avoid leaning or rotating. This helps strengthen the posterior chain as well.

Find this TheraBand exercise and much more at the MyPerformanceHealth YouTube channel!

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