Biofeeze and TheraBand Kinesiology Tape: the dynamic duo of pain relief. But before you go on a spraying and taping frenzy, make sure you’re executing the application correctly to deliver a safe, effective result.

How to Properly Use Kinesiology Tape and a Topical Analgesic Simultaneously

To use Biofreeze and TheraBand Kinesiology Tape together, the key is to do so in the correct order.

  • Step 1: Apply the tape. For a more detailed instruction on the best application methods and uses of taping, check out last week’s post.
  • Step 2: Spray Biofreeze on affected area. If menthol is applied before the tape, the menthol will not be able to breathe properly and will not deliver the desired results.
  • Repeat up to four times a day.

And there you have it… perfect harmony! Watch Dr. Phil Page demonstrate the procedure in more detail below:

In our new TapeTuesday series, we will be sharing methods for different types of tape application, as well as the accompanying research to support it. We’ll talk about therapeutic and preventive taping, such as TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and Cramer Athletic Tape to name a few. Click here to see our other posts in the #TapeTuesday series!

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