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Decreasing reimbursement and patient visits has led to an increase in reliance on home exercise prescription for physical therapy patients. The down side? Poor compliance and adherence in home exercise programs may result in poor outcomes.

Elastic resistance is one of the most common home exercise devices used by patients, and if used correctly, can revitalize any home exercise program. But how can you capitalize on your use of elastic resistance for increased results?

This study analyzed the usability, outcomes of pain and outcomes of compliance of the Theraband CLX™ Consecutive Loops resistance band compared to a traditional flat latex resistance band. 


  • Randomized, cross-over, repeated measures design (unblinded).
  • 24 subjects: 18 males, 6 females
  • Consecutive outpatient orthopedic physical therapy patients
  • Average age 37.9 + 19.5 years (17 to 70 years old)

… were all prescribed a home exercise program including elastic resistance exercises.

Patients were randomly given either traditional Theraband™ flat latex resistance bands or the Theraband CLX in 2 progressive resistance levels for their home exercise programs. After 2 weeks, the patient switched band type and completed another 2 weeks of home exercise. They used the same type of band in their clinic visits.

Patients completed questionnaires at 0, 2, and 4 weeks on usability and pain levels (10 point numeric scales); home exercise compliance was monitored.


Users of both bands experienced clinically significant pain relief, averaging a 3.3 point reduction in pain (p=.000).

There was no difference in compliance between groups (CLX = 77%; Flat Band = 75%).

Table 1 describes the usability rating of each band; the CLX outperformed a traditional flatband in all usability categories.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.09.32 AM

The CLX users reported 96% usability compared to 75% of band users. In addition, the CLX had an 89% satisfaction rating, compared to 70% for traditional bands. 23 out of 24 users preferred the CLX over traditional flat resistance bands.


The TheraBand CLX provided similar pain relief as a traditional resistance band with better rating of patient satisfaction and usability after a 2-week physical therapy home exercise program. While there was no difference in home exercise compliance, patients preferred the versatility of the CLX over traditional bands.

Source: Tyler T et al. 2015. Usability, outcomes, and compliance of the Theraband CLX resistance band for home exercise during physical therapy (Abstract). Proceedings of the 17th annual TRAC meeting. Vancouver, BC. July 29-31, 2015. p.9

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