Calf strains: a dreaded injury for athletes of all types. When it comes to healing and relieving pain, kinesiology tape can play a huge role in boosting these efforts. In a 2014 study, 34 healthy duathlete sprint competitors tested out kinesiology tape and its effectiveness on reducing calf pain. Kinesiology tape was applied on one calf 20-90 minutes before the competition; the other leg was left un-taped and used as a control. When it came to the results, the kinesiology tape reduced calf muscle pain, even without an apparent musculoskeletal disorder.

Calf strain kinesiology taping

Another sport that sees a frequent amount of calf strains is football. Matt Redd ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the University of Florida, uses kinesiology tape to help combat calf pain and get his players back on the field. Watch him demonstrate a calf strain kinesiology taping technique below. Grab some TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and try it out

The Performance Health Academy maintains the most comprehensive database of kinesiology tape research and techniques. The Academy database allows you to find and print evidence-based Kinesiology Taping Techniques for free!

In our #TapeTuesday series, we will be sharing methods for different types of tape application, as well as the accompanying research to support it. We’ll talk about therapeutic and preventive taping, such as TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and Cramer Athletic Tape to name a few. Click here to see our other posts in the #TapeTuesday series!



Merino-Marban R, Fernandez-Rodriguez E 2014. The Effect of Kinesio Taping on Calf Pain and Extensibility Immediately After Its Application and After a Duathlon Competition Research in Sports Medicine 22:1-11

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