Happy #tbt! Throughout the years, we’ve focused a lot on the merits of balance training and its positive benefits for the young and the old. With the help of our line of stability training products, many have found safe and effective ways to improve their balance as well as their quality of life. Today, we’re reflecting on some of the most impactful studies we’ve covered on balance. Read up and get moving!

5 most popular balance exercise articles

Building a Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults: Evidence-based Approach

Our 12-week, research-proven fall prevention program is full of balance exercises to help improve balance and reduce fall risk in geriatric patients.

Balance Training Progression for Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises

Ankle rehabilitation exercises for balance improvement often involve a progression; but is it justified? This study quantified the EMG of three ankle muscles to find out.

Ask Dr. Phil: Exercises to Improve Balance After Hip Replacement

Dr. Phil Page addresses the importance of balance training post hip replacement and offers training tips.

Curb Age-Related Balance Problems with Elastic Resistance and Massage

Don’t sit by while aging affects your balance and flexibility. Use elastic resistance and massage to help you age gracefully!

Proprioception and Muscular Strength: Contributions to Balance and Joint Stability

Find out if proprioception or muscular strength is the dominant factor in balance and joint stability, and which type of ankle rehabilitation is most effective for these purposes.

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