For eight Wednesdays, we will be bringing you leaders in the physical therapy industry to share their expertise on hot topics like shoulder rehab, postural correction, taping, and more. These “Expert Showcase” presentations were filmed live at the APTA CSM 2016 in Anaheim California, and are a compilation of our researchers and educators speaking on topics that they have personally invested their careers in promoting and studying. See the archive here.

We continue our Expert Showcase presentations with Clare Frank DPT, MS, OCS, FAAOMPT, the director and founder of Movement Links. Dr. Frank’s many years of experience studying neuromuscular rehabilitation has made her a master of developmental movement and how it affects pain and movement as a whole. According to the website, “Her philosophy of managing musculoskeletal pain is rooted in developmental kinesiology and draws from various manual and neuromuscular approaches.” Learn more about her practice and find a course near you!

Improve overall movement and manage pain with developmental movement exercises

fDr. Frank uses the TheraBand CLX to enhance her exercises and facilitate deeper, more effective movement patterns. In her presentation, she will explain how training patients in developmental positions can facilitate postural muscle chain synergy. She has published an excellent review of developmental exercise progression in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.

Watch and learn below!

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