Our Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee members have been hard at work researching over the past year, and we’re expecting some impactful and insightful results. Our annual TRAC meeting is quickly approaching, and we’re excited for all of the new research and visions that will come out of this meeting of the minds!

Switching gears from the rehabilitation and sports performance studies, Dr. Leo Wang PT, MPH, PhD, Associate Director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Sixth Affiliated Hospital in Guagzhou, China, is conducting a unique study based on acute rehab innovation. Dr. Wang has been studying survivors in intensive care unit, and is encouraging the patients to do mobility training with the TheraBand CLX. It’s his hope that by partaking in low intensity exercise, he may be able to improve their treatment and healing process as a whole.

Learn more about Dr. Wang’s research and stay tuned for the results in August!


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