When the pain in your leg is starting to become a pain in your behind, it’s time to seek help. Instead of rushing to the nearest drug store to pick up painkillers, grab a roll of TheraBand Kinesiology Tape for proven Achilles tendonitis pain relief! If you’re new to kinesiology taping or a skeptic, we’ve got you covered. Our database is full of years of research, techniques and expert insights you need to make an educated decision on where (or if) kinesiology tape fits into your pain management routine.

Achilles tendonitis pain relief

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The Performance Health Academy maintains the most comprehensive database of kinesiology tape research and techniques. The Academy database allows you to find and print more evidence-based Kinesiology Taping Techniques for free!

In our #TapeTuesday series, we will be sharing methods for different types of tape application, as well as the accompanying research to support it. We’ll talk about therapeutic and preventive taping, such as TheraBand Kinesiology Tape and Cramer Athletic Tape to name a few. Click here to see our other posts in the #TapeTuesday series!

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