For eight Wednesdays, we will be bringing you leaders in the physical therapy industry to share their expertise on hot topics like shoulder rehab, postural correction, taping, and more. These “Expert Showcase” presentations were filmed live at the APTA CSM 2016 in Anaheim California, and are a compilation of our researchers and educators speaking on topics that they have personally invested their careers in promoting and studying. See the archive here.

Fore! Lindsay Becker, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, CGFI-M3 is coming at you swinging with her golf exercises and expertise. As the owner of Buckeye Performance Golf in Columbus, OH, Becker spends her days focused on golf movement
 evaluation and correction. Offering services such as a TPI Golf Physical Performance Screenings, Golf Swing 3D Motion Analysis, individual and group fitness training and physical therapy proficiency, she’s a golf performance powerhouse and an expert on the subject.

Golf performance exercise program

The TheraBand CLX is a keystone in all of Becker’s programs and is utilized throughout injury prevention, performance enhancement and rehabilitation expertise. In this specific golf exercise program, she outlines why golfers experience pain and injury and a collection of exercises to correct deficiencies.

Watch and learn below!

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