Whether you’re looking to develop athletic performance or simply get in better shape, utilizing both aerobic and anaerobic exercise can help you improve your cardiovascular endurance and capabilities. To further improve performance, Duruturk and colleagues noted that the use of kinesiology taping as a supplementary treatment “can facilitate muscle contraction, which may be useful for improving performance.” These researchers set up to determine whether the application of kinesiology tape to the quadriceps muscle “has any effect on anaerobic and aerobic performance in young healthy individuals.”

The Effect of Kinesiology Tape on Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The study randomly split 32 participants into either a kinesiology taping group or a sham kinesiology taping group. After applying the kinesiology tape to the quadriceps bilaterally, Duruturk and colleagues had each subject complete:

  • An anaerobic exercise (Wingate cycle ergometer test)
  • An aerobic exercise (6-minutes walk test)

This study found that there was “a significant improvement in time factors in peak anaerobic power only in the kinesiology taping group,” determining that kinesiology tape applied to the quadriceps muscle can improve anaerobic exercise performance capacity. The study found no effects on aerobic exercise performance capacity.

What’s your view on the kinesiology taping in aerobic and anaerobic exercise? How can you integrate this method in your setting? Comment below!

Duruturk N et al. 2016. The Effects of Quadriceps Kinesio Taping on Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Performance in Healthy Participants: A Randomized Controlled Study Int J Athl Ther Train. 21(2):32-38.

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