For eight Wednesdays, we will be bringing you leaders in the physical therapy industry to share their expertise on hot topics like shoulder rehab, postural correction, taping, and more. These “Expert Showcase” presentations were filmed live at the APTA CSM 2016 in Anaheim California, and are a compilation of our researchers and educators speaking on topics that they have personally invested their careers in promoting and studying. See the archive here.

Sue Falsone PT, MS, SCS, ATC, CSCS, COMT, RYT is no stranger to the rehabilitation of postural problems. As the owner and founder of Structure and Function, and Dr. Ma’s Systemic Dry Needling, she works with the best of the best. However, even elite and professional athletes have to keep their postural health in check. Falsone has been studying and implementing cervicothoracic rehab to improve performance and quality of life.

Posture perfect exercise program

You don’t need a clinic full of tools to perform proper cerviothoracic rehabilitation exercises. Just grab a TheraBand CLX and you’re ready to go! In this Expert Showcase Presentation, Falsone will teach you how to combat poor posture with exercise to unload the tension and increase performance.

Watch and learn below!

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