Do you sell therapy products to your patients? Is there research to support ‘clinical retailing’?

Our Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee members have been hard at work researching over the past year, and we’re expecting some impactful and insightful results. Our annual TRAC meeting is quickly approaching, and we’re excited for all of the new research and visions that will come out of this meeting of the minds!

Tim Tyler MS, PT, ATC of PRO Sports Physical Therapy in Scarsdale, NY spent the past year in the midst of a unique research project specifically geared toward clinical retailing. TheraPearl hot and cold therapy packs are a brand new product on the market. But will they sell? Tyler has been researching the usability, sales and patient satisfaction rating of TheraPearl packs of various sizes. His hope is to gauge the success rate of these products in clinical retailing situations and to further help patients reach pain relief.

Learn more about Tim’s research and stay tuned for the results in August!

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