Last week, the Performance Health Scientific Advisory Committee traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for our 18th annual TRAC meeting! Comprised of elite researchers and clinicians from around the world, the committee spent three days debriefing on a year’s worth of research focusing on Performance Health products and their potential clinical applications.

Some of the highlights of #TRAC2016 studies include:
  • TheraBand CLX studies on topics like torque, muscle activation, squat performance, chronic pain, weight loss and efficacy in hospital settings
  • Myofascial rolling for flexibility, range of motion, muscle activation and more
  • TheraBand Kinesiology Tape studies covering satisfaction, blood flow, adhesion, tension and more
  • Two studies analyzing the effects of Biofreeze
  • A TheraPearl study analyzing the usability and satisfaction for home treatment
  • An Active Ankle study comparing our two newest braces on range of motion, performance and user satisfaction
  • A look into the state of concussions today and what treatment gaps need to be filled
Don’t worry; we don’t operate with an “all work no play” mentality! We spent our afternoons exploring Copenhagen and its neighboring cities, then coming together in the evening for events like a champagne canal tour, a night in Tivoli Gardens and dinner in a castle.
Finally, we would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to our 2016 Scientific Advisory Committee for all of their hard work and dedication. As you know by now, our company prides itself in our solid, evidence-based products and education. Without the brains and brawn of this committee, we would not be able to continually innovate and serve our communities.
Check out the album below from our Facebook page for some of the research highlights, find #TRAC2016 and #SAC2016 on social media, and stay tuned for the results of each study!
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