We’ve spoken before about the importance of home exercise programs during physical therapy treatment, and we’re proud to create products and programs that make them as easy as possible. The TheraBand Academy is a database of research, exercises and techniques that is an extremely valuable tool to have in your toolbelt. Prescribing exercise can come with multiple communication barriers, so we’ve created this site to help you give patients the exercises they want with visuals they need. Today, we will walk you though how to create a home exercise program through the TheraBand Academy.

How to create a home exercise program for your patients


Step 1: Log in to the TheraBand Academy


Step 2: Select the “Exercises” Tab from the top menu and select “Create Exercise Programs”


Step 3: Enter a program name and a description of the program. This is where you can put in exercise protocol and information for this specific program. MAKE SURE TO SAVE THIS INFORMATION BEFORE STARTING STEP 4.


Step 4: Select the “Pick Exercises” tab, and then “Edit Exercise List”


Step 5: From the pop-up screen you can search for exercises you wish to include. Selecting the “Show/Hide Categories” option at the bottom will give you options for more specific search criteria.


Step 6: Click the “Add” button next to the exercises you wish to add to the program. At the top of the page, you will see all of your selected exercises. You can change the order with the arrows to the left, or you can delete exercises with the “X” to the right


Step 7: Once you’ve added all of your exercises, scroll to the bottom and select “Save”


Step 8: Select the “Assign Categories” tab to specify your program and make it easier to find.


Step 9: Once you’re done editing, Select “My Exercise Program,” find your program in the list and click “View”


Step 10: Review your program and select “View Printable Version” to generate a printed copy of your program.


Need more help? Watch as Dr. Phil Page goes through these steps live on the TheraBand Academy (starting at 2:05). 

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