We’ve all seen the crazy, intricate tape jobs on athletes and everyday pain sufferers and thought, “How does that work?!” In past episodes we’ve covered the research and theories behind kinesiology taping and the different patterns of application, but we have yet to cover the actual pieces of tape themselves. Does it matter what kinesiology tape cuts are used? The versatility of a single strip of kinesiology tape makes it applicable to a multitude of impairments; lets look at the three cuts of kinesiology tape and how they can be used in certain situations.

I Cut

The original and most used kinesiology tape cut.

Y Cut

If you’re looking to cover larger areas, the Y-Cut is just what you need.

Fan Cut

The Fan Cut is usually used to reduce swelling.

In his fifth episode of the Kinesiology Taping 101 #TapeTuesday series, Dr. Phil Page gives you more information on these cuts and demonstrates how to accurately measure each.

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