Last month, Dr. Trent Nessler, National Director of Sports Medicine Innovation for Select Medical, was featured on Sport Techie for his work with the Troy University football team. Having researched ACL injuries for the majority of his career, Dr. Nessler was a trusted part of the university’s milestone of being the first collegiate football team to test the movement analysis system, DorsaVi.

For athletic programs like Troy, who are looking to identify and correct dysfunction and weakness to prevent injuries, the DorsaVi and Dr. Nessler’s ACL Injury Prevention Program are the perfect combination of resources to meet these goals. After completing the full movement assessment process, each player has an individualized summary listing their deficiencies and is given a customized plan from the Prevention Program to improve the player’s movement patterns.

With proven results, Troy University’s football program is confident that they will reach these results. The article states, “Nessler has tested smaller teams like Division 1 soccer, basketball and volleyball teams and saw results that reduced non-contact injuries by 58%, significantly decreased injured players’ days on the DL.”

So what’s in Trent Nessler’s ACL Injury Prevention Kit that makes it so powerful?

PhysioSports ACL Kit-Men's PhysioSports ACL Kit-Women's

  • A wealth of knowledge and exercises – You can be confident that you’re getting solid, research-based interventions by using Dr. Nessler’s Program. Filled with exercises and expertise, his app is a goldmine for those wishing to prevent ACL injuries.
  • TheraBand CLX – A tool used to create enhance ACL injury prevention exercises on the court, field, athletic training room or at home.
  • TheraBand Stability Trainer – Increasing balance is a key component in ACL injury recovery and prevention. Dr. Nessler incorporates the stability trainer into many of his exercises within the program.
  • TheraBand Tubing with Cuffs – Used predominantly to strengthen the hip and glute medius musculature, these bands secure tightly around the ankle to add resistance to dynamic movements.
  • Biofreeze – Nobody said the training would be easy! Instant pain relief is just a spray away with Biofreeze.

The ACL Injury Prevention Kit is available exclusively through PhysioSports. If you want to learn more about Dr. Nessler’s work and findings in ACL injuries and injury prevention, check out our ACL Injury Prevention Series of articles and videos full of his current work. You can also stay up-to-date with Dr. Nessler at his Move to Improve blog!

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