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In honor of the 25th anniversary of Biofreeze, we’ve put together a brief timeline of how the product you’ve grown to love has evolved over the past quarter century. Here’s to 25 years!

Mid ‘80s –Dr. Danne Montague-King set out to develop a pain relief solution for his grandmother who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. After years of trial and error, Biofreeze was created!

1991 – Chris and Craig Cox purchased the Biofreeze formula from Dr. King and started Performance Health, Inc. The team went to the National Florida Chiropractic Association show to launch this brand and give Biofreeze its public debut.

1994 – Roll-On Biofreeze was introduced.

1995 –Perform was introduced, a topical analgesic similar to Biofreeze, specifically produced for the retail market.

1997 – Sampling sizes were launched.

1998 – Biofreeze entered the massage market…

1999 – … then the physical therapy market…

1999 – … then the occupational therapy market…

2000 – … then the athletic training market…

2001 – … and finally, the podiatry market.

2002 – The Event Donation Program was launched (and still stands today!).

2003 –HPQR (High Performance Quick Recovery) was introduced. A.k.a., Biofreeze for animals!

2005 – Biofreeze Spray was introduced.

2006 – Biofreeze was purchased by Hygenic Corporation. HPQR was discontinued.

2009 – A new, improved spray formula was launched, as well as the “Where to Buy” program.

2010 – Biofreeze Wipes became available, as well as a new Hands-Free Applicator Tip tube.

2011 – Biofreeze Singles were introduced.

2012 – Launch of New, Improved Biofreeze gel products as well as the 360 Spray. Wipes were discontinued.

2016 – Biofreeze Professional was introduced, offering an improved, longer-lasting formula exclusively for clinicians. The Professional Finder was also launched, helping the public find specialized healthcare professionals in their area.


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