It’s #tbt! Over the years we’ve covered a lot of research and protocols dealing with the ankle, whether in sports performance, strengthening, rehabilitation or stabilization. Here’s our four most popular articles to get you started!

Our most popular ankle injury articles

young male icing a sprained ankle with ice pack (isolated on white background)

One Simple Exercise Reduces Ankle Sprains in Football Players
This article features an all-star injury prevention exercise for football players, featuring our blue TheraBand Stability Trainer.





Ankle Muscle Activation During Exercises on Different Unstable Surfaces
Learn the optimal positions that help initiate ankle muscle activation when performing stability exercises.






Balance Training Progression for Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises
This ankle rehabilitation program goes through a research-proven progression for optimal results.



Balance Exercises for Chronic Ankle Sprains

Can’t figure out how to curb your ankle
sprain streak? We’ve got a few exercises to get you back on track!

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